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What's Growth Marketing?

The term Growth Marketing regroups marketing strategies that focus on the growth of the company.
Directly coming from Silicon Valley, this discipline is installed durably in the successful startups’ space and  we can now find out dedicated growth teams or even entire divisions for the most efficient companies.

To the difference of Webmarketing, mainly centered on traffic acquisition, the growth Marketer will lean on the framework [Acquisition – Activation – Conversion – Retention – Referral – Revenu] to reach desired growth through measurables and trackables marketing techniques; Stats playing a considerable role in these digital strategies.

Called Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking, this trend must be studied in every startup with the intention of making them thrive.

System of Growth Marketing

Growth will be obtained thanks to a followed dedicated system and not only through some hazard « hacks » without precise vision. In these blog articles, you will get explanations that will allow you to set up this kind of system, using ideas prioritization tools, test and learn methodology, and post-mortem success or failure based on data-science. Growth marketing practice must be rigorous to enable the company to learn and exceed these more critical milestones.

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